What To Expect During The Truck Accident Lawsuit Process

Truck accidents can be very dangerous and the injuries sustained during them are often lifelong. The damages that are caused by a truck accident can sometimes be overwhelming. If you have been in a truck accident and you are ready to take action, make sure that you know what to expect during your truck accident lawsuit process. Here are things to expect during the truck accident lawsuit process.

Compensation for Injuries and Damages

The first thing that can be expected during the truck accident lawsuit process is compensation for injuries and damages. This compensation will be paid to you by the person who is believed to have caused the truck accident. If that person is not able to pay for the damages and for the medical bills, then their insurance company will be paying out of their policy. Compensation can take a number of different forms, from an actual cash settlement to a reimbursement for medical bills. This compensation can also include pain and suffering.


During the truck accident lawsuit process, you will have to negotiate with the person or with the insurance company that is being sued. Because truck accidents and the damages that they cause can be very complicated, you might have to hire an attorney to negotiate for you. Most attorneys for truck accident cases will offer a free consultation to potential clients. During that meeting, important details about the truck accident case can be discussed.

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If it is not possible to come to an agreement with the person who caused the truck accident or with their insurance company, then a lawsuit will be filed during the truck accident lawsuit process. If this happens, then you will have to hire a Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer. Then, the lawyer will be in charge of notifying the other party of your intent to sue them. The notice of intent to sue also has to include information about the truck accident as well as a demand for compensation for injuries or damages.


During the truck accident lawsuit process, there will be a discovery period which is used by lawyers to exchange important information about the case between parties that are involved in it. The information is usually exchanged through the process of depositions. Sometimes physical evidence is also exchanged when it can be useful to the case. There can also be requests for information regarding bills or expenses that are related to the truck accident. The exchange of information usually happens by mail, but sometimes it can happen in person if both parties agree to it.