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Ace your career with SAP SuccessFactors certification

Do you want to climb the HR career ladder with SAP SuccessFactors? SAP is an in-demand career option that is required in many fields. Most MNCs hire people with SAP SuccessFactors certification as it is a potent tool for human resource management. The training facilitates talent management, analytics, and software planning, accommodating an ever-changing workforce structure. HR operations have never been so feasible and convenient. It is a dynamic solution for managing an organization’s workforce optimally. To know more about SAP SuccessFactors certification, read below.

What will you gain with SAP SuccessFactors certification?

The training will help you learn about SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud Suite. The trainee will receive all the necessary information about the core configuration for the SuccessFactors employee central system.

  • You will gain a corpus of knowledge based on the practical implementation of Employee Central in SAP SuccessFactors.The training also enables the configuration of Employee Central with Extensible Mark-up language (XML).
  • It’s an opportunity to learn more about the structure and function of Generic objects, Workflow configuration, work scheduling, proxy management, Global setting, and Language implementation.
  • The training also prepares for SAP Certified Application Associate in SuccessFactors Employee Central including position and employee data management. It also includes the management of security systems and next-generation Core HR systems (HRIS).
  • With SAP SuccessFactors, you also get a cloud-based, core HR solution that helps in regulatory and legal compliance.

What is the Sap SuccessFactors certification cost?

The entire SAP certification will cost around Rs. 40,000, but it can vary from country to country. The training cost is excluded in this case. Including training costs, the overall package will be around 3 lacs. If you go for online modes, specific fields like SAP SuccessFactors will cost around Rs. 500-2000. The quality of training will differ from one training center to another.

Power Of Education

What are the benefits of your career?

In every major industry, SAP SuccessFactors certification fees are required in today’s world to manage human resources. There are many benefits for your career:

  • You get a better job and paycheck when you upskill yourself. You are better skilled at customer relations management and finance management.
  • In the IT industry, SAP SuccessFactors is among the top in skill demands. You will be required in every type of professional team as employee management is a priority for many firms.
  • Data management and talent management are two of the most challenging aspects of HRM (Human Resource Management). After completing the training, you will feel the convenience of delegating these tasks.
  • The training ensures a holistic approach to the learning experience where you get proficiency and hands-on experience. It is designed for consultants and users for the smooth functioning of the SAP SuccessFactors system.

The training will also conduct the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central certification exam to test the knowledge throughout the training period. It validates employees’ skills and understanding of the subject. The certification is completed when the trainee successfully scores above the cut-off of the examination.