Types Of Food

There was great saying by Ann Wigmore “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” Food is the basic need for human and animals to stay alive. . When the word food is heard we get lot of imaginations in our mind like taste and mouthwatering. Varieties of the food items are available to consume. We humans need varieties of the food nutrients for the body to grow like vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats and Carbohydrates which is extracted from the food we eat to be healthy productive and active. Hence food items are also responsible for protecting our body from harmful viruses and Bacteria. We must ensure that the food intake is available with all the balanced Diet nutrients. Eating different types of food gives necessary nutrients.

The food we eat are of different types which keeps us healthy and fit:

  • Vegetables: Eating fresh veggies will be helpful to the body which has almost all the vitamins and minerals. By consuming vegetables, we can maintain blood pressure and get avoided from major issues like heart stroke, cancer, and eyes, digestive issues always help to check the Appetite.
  • Fruits: These are the good in vitamins and minerals, which helps in preventing deficiency of vitamin A&C. Consuming these fresh fruits keeps away the chronic diseases.
  • Dairy Products: It contains the nutrients such as Calcium and Protein. These products are rich in calcium. Consumption of the Milk, cheese and yoghurt reduces the risk of the Hear risk, hypertension for diabetes. Cancers and syndrome which causes of the death according to the study of scientist on it.
  • Non -vegetarian: Meat, fish and chicken these are different food groups but have common sources like proteins and nutrients which is very important to the muscular body. It contains a essential amino acids which is responsible for the growth and diet of the human body.


Importance of the food: Its vital role for the development and growth of the body. It keeps our immunity, repairs cell and strengthens bones and muscles of the body.

  • Provides nutrients
  • Development of the growth
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Protects from viral organisms
  • Makes bones and muscle strong
  • Maintains the body weight

Food is necessity for every living thing on the Earth. Consuming the different types of the food like vegetables and cereals dairy products meat and fish. Food can be consumed with the proper diet and maintain healthy, wealthy life. It is necessary that food safety forms an essential component of health based nutritious policies and Education. Which must be followed and maintained.